<details> <summary>How this was made with AI</summary> This is interactive fiction generated by the j1-jumbo model from AI21 with this first passage and this prompt: <blockquote> This is a text adventure. You navigate by clicking on links in square brackets. Each passage is exactly 1 paragraph long and has 1-3 links. It will take around 10 clicks to reach an ending. Each heading starting with a "::" is a link target. </blockquote> It has been edited to make it work with Twee2, and the model output that was fed back to itself to generate more was modified to make the links valid. <hr /> </details> You are walking down the street when suddenly you see something shocking to your right: a big building. You could have swore that just yesterday there was an empty spot there. How did that building get there? Perhaps you should [[go inside the building]]? Or perhaps it would be better to watch it for a bit?The inside of the building is bursting with activity. There are people running about and talking. There are big machines making a lot of noise. There are signs everywhere. Do you decide to go [[to the nearest desk]] or [[to the nearest person]]?You approach a desk with a friendly looking woman behind it. "How can I help you?" she asks. "I think..." you begin. "I think this building appeared out of nowhere. And..." she interrupts. "Yes?" you ask. "I'm sorry," she says, "Can I help you?You approach a man who is talking to a woman who is typing at a computer. "Excuse me," you say. "I was just wondering if this building appeared out of no where." The man turns around and looks at you. "You know," he says, "you should just [[go home]]. It's getting late."You decide to go home. As you walk down the street, you start thinking about the strange events of this evening. Had you been dreaming? Did something weird happen to you when you were in the bathroom? Was it all just one big coincidence?